Frequently Asked Questions

Why the name GraceDavid?
Grace and David are the middle names of Jen’s children. They are a large part of what inspires her and motivates her to be a woman of high standards. With this company, she is helping to build a legacy. Plus, you have to admit. The name sounds pretty cool!
How long will my body scrubs last?
If kept in our jars, not allowing water to get in, our scrubs can last for up to a year! Remember to close your jar tightly after each use to not only prevent water damage but to also keep your scrub from drying out.

All of our scrubs are made without preservatives, so we encourage you to enjoy as soon as possible!

Do you arrange gift baskets for special occasions such as birthdays, bridal parties, etc?

We sure do! Just send us a message for special pricing ( 

Do you sell other items in addition to body scrubs?

Absolutely! GraceDavid carries body cream to match your favorite scented scrub, along with bath and shower bombs. We also carry potpourri to keep your home and/or office smelling fresh!

Do you sell your items wholesale?
As a matter of fact, we do! Send an email to for pricing.