Welcome to graceDAVID

Hi! I’m Jen and I’m the founder of graceDavid. My love for body care and women’s empowerment led me here. I never would have thought the two ideas could be merged, but it turns out they can! I can’t wait for you to experience what my products and this blog have to offer. And just so you know, you can expect a monthly blog from us here at graceDAVID.

We’ll discuss things that pertain to body care, self-care and of course we’ll sprinkle it with some empowerment. If you come away with nothing else from the graceDAVID brand, I hope you have an at-home spa experience like never before. I also hope you’ll feel amazing on the inside, knowing with every purchase made, you are helping another woman stand on her own two feet.

So go ahead. Peruse the site, place an order, follow us on social media, and share us with your family and friends! I’d like to officially welcome you to the graceDAVID brand. You’ve officially joined a movement that is going to change the lives of women and children for years to come.